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About Sushila Jha

Sushila Jha

Sushila Jha is a Madhubani (Mithila) Painting artist whose painting is poplular in Mithila as well as in Nepal region.

She was born in a conservative Brahmin family in Mishrauli village of Darbhanga district, Bihar. Where access to college level education for girls was rare. She had to put up a fight with her family to continue studies. She completes her matriculation in 1999. Initially, She used to paint at home.

There was a beautiful kohbar art (wall painting) made in her home by her grandmother. When she was in child age her grandmother passed away but her inspiration in that painting. Sushila's mother used to paint alpanas, a kind of painting made on the floor with rice flour. she used to sit with her and watch her paint for hours.

After marraige her husband's family side, all peoples cooperate and support to going forward in her painting part journey.

She is very talented from childhood. She did B.Lib and M.Lib from library science. She also did Post Graduate Degree(MA) in Political Science. She strated Madhubani Painting after long time back in the year 2017.